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Hi my name is Scott and I can help you market and grow your restaurant or small business. I keep things simple. I don't BS or sugarcoat anything. If your marketing sucks and I can help you fix or improve it, I'll tell you. If I can't or you need help in an area I'm not good in, I'll tell you that too and give you some recommendations.

In my experience, small business owners (Restaurateurs in particular) are notorious for making decisions guided by their own ego or worldview, either unaware or oblivious that there are other, probably better options that will get a higher return.

Some people get put off by my bluntness. Case in point above. I understand. I'm really a nice guy, but this is all about growing your business. And if you're in business today, I don't need to tell you how increasingly difficult it has become these days to get the word out effectively and affordably.

I'm not going to try to "win" your business. My goal is provide you with all of the right information so you can make the best choices about investing your hard earned money for maximum ROI. Period.

Working independently for many years now, I thoroughly enjoy the experience of entrepreneurship. Being independent demands me to frequently think outside the box, keep a strict focus on growth and being proactive.

I have an insatiable desire to explore the bleeding-edge boundaries of technology, and find creative ways to apply it to marketing and growing business.

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I guarantee you won't find a more responsive, easier to work with strategic marketing advisor for your business.

Feel free to contact me via email info -at- scottmccutchen.com or 610.816.0806.


Scott McCutchen Internet Marketing Specialist

*PS - If you own or manage a restaurant, I can probably help you even more through the Independent Restaurant Marketing Association.


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