I am a marketing technology consultant, primarily for restaurants and small businesses. My experience was originally in building websites and search engine optimization, but in recent years my focus has been mostly on mobile.

Working independently for quite a number of years now, I enjoy the experience of entrepreneurship. Being independent demands me to keep a strict focus on growth, being proactive, and often thinking outside the box. Learn more about me...

I have an insatiable desire to explore the bleeding-edge boundaries of technology, and find creative ways to apply it to business. And if you own or manage a local restaurant or small business, I can probably help you.

I am not an agency so I do not charge agency rates. And I guarantee you won't find a more responsive, easier to work with strategic marketing consultant.

You can contact me right now by email info -at- scottmccutchen.com, or just pick up the phone and call 610-816-0806. I promise to give you at least one Internet marketing tip you can do yourself right now for free that will greatly increase your business visibility to potential customers online.

No strings attached. Promise.

Scott McCutchen Internet Marketing Specialist

PS - Are you in the restaurant or hospitality business? You might want to check out the Independent Restaurant Association...

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